Mandua ki Roti

Chappaties made from Mandua cereal.
Ingredients :

600 gms - Mandua flour
200 gms - Wheat flour
Water (As required).

Cooking Instructions :

- Mix Mandua flour and wheat flour well.
- Prepare a stiff dough with water.
- Divide into even sized balls and roll out into Chappaties.
- Cook both sides on slow fire, ensure it is cooked well

Kandalee ka Saag

Green Leafy Vegetable dish, prepared like other green vegetables. The leaves are locally known as 'Bichhu Ghas'

Ingredients :

2 kg - Kandalee
50 gms - Jakhiya
30 ml - Oil
Salt To taste

Cooking Instructions :

- Pick soft and small leaves of Kandalee.
- Boil them ihn water and cook, till the leaves leave their acidic content and become pulpy.
- Drain the water and heat Oil in a thick bottomed pan.
- Add Jakhiya and fry the boiled Kandalee leaves. Add Salt and serve hot

Jhangora ki Kheer

Ingredients :

500 gms -
200 gms - Sugar
1 ltr - Milk
50 gms - Cashewnuts
5 gms - Raisins
100 gms -
(Melon Seeds)
Kewara essence (As required). (Kewara Flower)

Cooking Instructions :

- Boil Milk in a thick bottomed pan.
- Add Jhangor and cook. Stir to avoid sticking.
- Add Sugar and cook for some time.
- Add Kewara essence and mix well.
- Garnish with chopped Dry Fruits.

Garhwal Ka Fannah

Ingredients :

1 cup - Kulad dal, soaked in plenty of water (lentils)
1 Tsp - Ginger paste
1 tsp - Garlic paste
1 tsp - Red chili paste
3 tbsp - Fresh coriander leaves, to garnish
Salt to taste
2 tbsp - Oil
1 cup - Water

Cooking Instructions :

- First heat the oil in pan and then add pastes, prepared earlier, and fry it until the raw smell is wiped off.
- Drain out and add lentils to it.
- Next cook them on a low flame for atleast 5 minutes and then add water and salt.
- Mix well and then cook again, covered, for minimum of 10 to 15 mins, or check out until the are tender.
- Garnish it with corriander leaves then serve it hot with Black and White Roti and enjoy a complete meal.

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